What If you had $1,000,000,000

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning with $1 Billion?

Think hard, please. Adjust your thinking to the fact that neither you nor anyone you love will ever have to work another day in their lives if you don't want them to have to.

A few precalculated tips:

$80 K to start your own food truck business.

$250 K will buy you a trip to space.

$500 K - $5 M will buy you a Sail Yacht

$2 M invested will yield enough interest for 1 person to have a middle class lifestyle for as long as they live (whether that's 50 years or 1,000 years).

$20 M to start your own Hedge fund.

$1 B invested will yield enough interest to give 20 people each year $2 M and still ensure that you remain a Billionaire for the rest of eternity.





Pay the taxes on that before anything else

For simplicity assume this is an after-tax Billion.

-First: Set up a fund for everyone close to my family (including my family), so that they would never need to work again if they so choose. I'm thinking the fund would afford anyone a comfortable middle-class lifestyle ($80k a year). What can I say, I'm selfish

-Second: Start up a company whose initial purpose is to distribute free solar generators to the worlds population. It will start with the poorest countries first. The company will strive to drive down the cost on these generators while improving their yield. Ideally allowing everyone to generate their own power.

-Third: Then work will begin in similar on batteries. Hopefully allowing everyone to store their own power.

-A Note: This company will distribute information on whatever methods it invents or discoveries it makes. Anyone who desires this information will be able to attain it as reasonably cheaply as possible.

-I'm not sure what would be left after this. But the company will strive for other similar and reasonably attainable goals it can meet.

You've certainly spent all your money.

It's astounding how many responses I get to this question that don't even come close to spending all of their billion.

I only have a few suggestions.

The first objective, say you were to endow all your family members with trusts that have 3 Mil a piece (more than enough for that 80K/yr figure), and you have 30 family members you do this for. That's 90 million bucks and you still have 910 Million to work with.

The second objective, I get that running a startup is an exciting idea, but you might consider buying up shares in a publicly traded solar panel manufacturer that has had a bad year lately (cheaper stock price), There are a few that have total evaluations less than 900 Billion and that would let you buy a 50.1% stake in them, and have lots of cash leftover to change things into the way you want them, and also to cover a few bad years.

This is kind of what Elon Musk did shortly after he started Tesla, He gave his brother a bunch of cash to start Solar City. Granted it's not a charity, but it's certainly helped replace a lot of fossil fuel consumption with solar generation capacity.

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