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Sunny Molini
Server Announcements

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Version #: Snapshot 14w10c

Press the button at spawn to teleport to the location where everybody else has built up.



Sunny Molini
The server is running on backup

I'm doing some long term maintenance on the primary server right now. So until further notice, the world is running on a backup system.

It might be slightly laggy for a bit. I hope this won't take too long, but it will probably take a few weeks.

It should still be available though, and the connection information is still all the same as it used to be.

Sunny Molini
Not anymore!

I have finished rebuilding the server with Ubuntu Server and ThisWorld is running away in a brand new virtualbox.

Maintenance is mostly done now.

I do not know if it applies,

I do not know if it applies, but i have some commands to run the server to use x64 java if you want it.

it's for windows, so i dunno if applicable to Ubuntu

Jeff Fa Fa

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